Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY: how to make your very own coconut body cream!

here's something that's pretty neato-burrito: today i learned how to make a coconut body cream using just one ingredient. nifty, eh? the recipe is so simple, it's almost ridiculous.
if you know me well enough, you'll know that i have an unhealthy obsession with coconut oil. i use it for everything -- my hair, my body, my face, i even scoop it in to my daily green tea just for the additional internal benefits (there are so many!!) i swear on a cat's life by it.
however, my only qualm with CO is its solid texture, which i have to arduously scoop out with my fingers or a spoon, or else melt slightly in the microwave. it can get downright annoying on some days. however, making it into a cream makes my life so much easier! i simply have to scoop it out of my cute little jar and use it like i would with any regular body lotion.
i spawned the idea after watching my mom make a coconut cream frosting and remarking how "suprisingly easy" it was to whip solid coconut oil. i immediately grabbed my ridiculously huge tub of the stuff and got to work. here's what i used:
  • virgin, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil (found in any whole foods store, global market, or if all else fails -- online.)
  • your conventional mixer.
  • vitamin e oil (optional.)
  • calendula oil (optional.)
  • although i didn't use any, it could be fun to mix in an essential oil (like lavender or jasmine) for the smell!
after you have all of your things gathered, simply scoop you CO into a big mixing bowl and whip it until the texture is light and airy. when it looks fluffy, scoop it into a jar and enjoy gorgeous, moisturized skin.
easy, eh?


  1. I would love to try this! But where I am, coconut oil comes in liquid form anyway!
    I love all your little DIY projects, am definitely going to have to set a day aside to experiment and make some of these lovely-sounding things! I'm all for using natural products where possible.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    Mel x

    1. oofda! raw coconut oil is hard to find, and i really wish it wasn't!
      when in doubt, always check out, ha ha!
      and thank you so much for the compliment, as well :) after i started college i started to get really crafty and resourceful because i didn't have any money, ha ha! (that's probably why i'm so into DIY beauty :) )

  2. That looks amazing! I would never have thought to do this. Definitely gonna try it out :) xx

    1. it really is wonderful! i use it after a hop out of the shower and before i go to bed. my pj's are usually bagging sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt along with some long socks, which all sort of "locks in" the moisture while you sleep!

  3. This is awesome! I don't know if its my region, but the coconut oil, no matter how raw, is always liquid in some portion. :/

    Definitely wanting to try this though, I love your DIYs as well ;D!

    1. most places don't carry coconut oil, and i don't know why because it's become so popular!
      luckily, i live in a really liberal town so we have a Whole Foods Co Op, which is where i get my coconut oil and fancy things that you can't find anywhere else.
      there's even a coconut oil supplier not too far from my town at a really great price! if you want, i can get you the link for it! (i'm at work right now -- it's not in my favorites folder and i can't seem to remember the name at the moment!)
      i know trader joes sells it as well for like $5 a jar, which is a really great deal!
      if you happen to have a GNC in your town, i recently found out that they sell it too. :)
      in some walmarts, i've seen jars of coconut oil in the vitamins section.
      hope that helps a bit!

  4. I am currently searching for raw coconut oil (I think I have tracked some down at a local shop near me! ee that sad?!) to try on my hair as i am bored of branded branded hair oils that are mostly silicone! How do you find coconut oil on your hair and how do you use it? Id love to know, as I have said are very wise!!! haha! :) xxx

    1. i'm excited FOR you! gahh, i love coconut oil. i'm considering buying it by the gallons, which you can totally do! you just have to search online. i buy my stuff from -- just because they're so close to my town and their stuff is pretty darn awesome, if i do say so myself.
      i use it for everything -- once a week or so i'll make a coconut oil/olive oil/egg hair mask to keep my hair lovely and strong (i've noticed my hair has been growing like crazy lately, too!)
      or, as soon as i get out of the shower, i'll use my DIY coconut cream as a "lotion" and wear big, baggy clothes to bed to lock in the moisture. my skin is all glowy and soft and awesome. love it!!
      i also use it as an evening moisturizer. ever since i started doing this, my skin has never been the same.
      or, i'll put a scoop in my daily green tea. i know the victoria's secret model miranda kerr swears by taking 4 tablespoons of it a day -- supposedly, the internal benefits are just as good as the external ones.
      it's really sort of a miracle product (atleast i think so, personally.) once you start using coconut oil, it really got me thinking about using natural beauty products and making my own DIY things, rather than shelling out tons of money for the department store things you see most bloggers using.
      hope this helps! let me know how it goes -- i would love to hear whether or not it works for you!
      take care :)

    2. I use CO for body lotion and as my face moisturizer. It is ok but I have dry skin and it just isn't hydrating enough. I think for anyone younger than 50 that does not have dry skin it would work great. One thing I find is that it will clog your drains and you will have oil on everything. Other than that it is nice to be able to us this on your body, hair, face, and also use in the kitchen!

  5. This is too rad! Oh gosh, I just enjoy learning so many stuff from you. Great DIY! :D

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

    1. thank you for the compliment! i always love sharing nifty little things i pick up here and there :)
      and you know i love supporting my fellow bloggers :) keep up the great work girlie!


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